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Dental Fillings


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Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems. The problem arises due to softening of enamel in teeth when plaque is accumulated. The loss may eventually result into cavity and makes it quite painful for you while drinking or eating. The cavity will only get larger with time if not treated. There are a lot of causes behind the problem; few of these are:

  • Poor oral hygiene: You should brush your teeth twice a day. If you don't do so, plaque will accumulate around your teeth and cause cavities.
  • Plaque formation: Plaque is formed when food particles, bacteria, saliva all combine together. It adheres to teeth and keeps building up. It then attacks the tooth enamel and causes cavities.
  • Dry mouth: Saliva helps remove plaque from your teeth. If your mouth tends to be dry all the time with a very small amount of saliva, there are higher chances of plaque formation.
  • Medical problems:If your teeth are exposed to the acids from your stomach, it may cause a cavity. Also, certain cancer treatments that require head and neck to be exposed to radiation can promote a tooth cavity.

How Can We Help?

We offer the best dental fillings Dubai treatments. The process is done to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay. It helps relieve pain while eating sweet or cold foods and prevents any further decay. We remove the decayed part, clean the area and fill the tooth using proper filling materials. If you want a tooth-coloured filling instead of a silver one, we can do that as well. Get in touch with us for all your dental problems and we will provide the best ever treatment. Apart from filling, we provide dentures in Dubaitoo which are useful for the people who have some or all of their teeth missing.