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Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

  • Teeth whitening is advised for dark teeth and if one wishes to brighten teeth with less invasive procedure.
  • Dark teeth can be due to the food we eat, habits like smoking and drinking, fluorosis and consumption of Tetracycline like antibiotics while tooth formation is taking place.
  • It can be done with home bleaching kit and in the dental clinic. The bleaching done in dental clinic is faster results because the whitening agent used in this is stronger and ‘at home bleaching’ agents are milder ones.
  • You also get some on the counter whitening agents as well.
  • All the whitening agents work well if we have less staining food and drinks in oir daily consumption. Also once the treatment is done; better to get fluoridation done to prolong the effect ad use whitening toothpastes available OTC.