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Teeth Whitening / Bleaching


Making your smile even brighter and wider is as easy as booking an appointment with us! Don't let those stains lower your confidence. Get an appointment and make your teeth white and bright. Why should you hide your teeth while being clicked? Won't it be better to get teeth whitening or bleaching Dubai treatment from us and solve it easily?

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process to lighten teeth and remove all the stains and discoloration using bleaching agents. The procedure is ideal for those who are looking forward to get white teeth using a less invasive treatment. Though you can do it using a whitening mouthwash or toothpaste, getting it done by a dentist offers better results.

What Causes Yellow or Dark Teeth?

The most common reasons are:

  • The food we eat
  • Smoking & Drinking
  • tobacco
  • Excessive consumption of coffee, tea and cola
  • Fluorosis
  • Consumption of Tetracycline like antibiotics while tooth formation is taking place
  • Aging may also be a reason
What Are The Options?

There are two dental bleaching Dubai options:

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-home dental whitening is a DIY alternative to a professional dental whitening Dubai treatment. It usually costs less that an in-office procedure and is a more convenient option as you don't have to get an appointment and visit a dentist. However, these solutions contain peroxides in very low concentration and don't offer the same results as that of the professional dental bleaching Dubai procedures. Still, if you don't require a good degree of whitening, you can get an at-home teeth whitening kit for you and get whiter teeth. For astonishing results, in-office teeth whitening is recommended.

In-OfficeTeeth Whitening

In-office dental bleaching is performed by dentists and gives safe, reliable results. The results tend to be better as the bleaching solutions contain a higher concentration of peroxide to achieve better whitening benefits.We will make sure that you don't have to feel any kind of inconvenience during the procedure and suggest you the ways to maximize the results by avoiding certain foods which may cause discoloration.